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Environmental, intercultural and tolerance projects that supported the Unesco ASP net school application of Laanila High School:

1)    Green Flag school activities since 2008
-          Visits at nursing homes
-          Energy saving competitions/theme days
-          Fair Trade presentations
-          Flea markets and old items’ tuning days
-          Air Guitar World Championships for the mentally disabled
-          Visits at energy plants in Oulu
-          A city conference for children and youth in Suomi-Areena, Pori
-          Projects aimed to diminish waste materials
-          Cleaning campaigns in the school and its neighborhood area  
-          Meetings with other Green Flag schools and day nurseries
2)    ”Eco-Responsible” Comenius collaboration with Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Romania since 2011  
-          examples on activities on
3)    Comenius collaboration, St Aloysius Primary School, Eco-partner school in Uganda, Africa, since 2011
-          presentation of the school on
-          school bag collections planned for 2012
-          voluntary work day/charity work for the school in Uganda at the waste management plant in Oulu planned for 2013
4)    Three months’  Comenius ”Eco-Responsible” student mobility program with Belgium and Portugal since 2012
-          Six Finnish high school exchange students living and studying at our partner schools and acting as ”Green Flag ambassadors” between the schools
5)     ”Global Me” course taught in English by international AISEC university exchange students since 2012
-          themes of the course include global concerns such as intercultural learning, tolerance, human rights, immigrants and refugees, climate change and peace education
6)    Course on voluntary work in collaboration with Oulu Diaconal Institute since 2012
-          the principles of voluntary work
-          training with children, youth, senior citizens, mentally disabled and immigrants
7)    International courses to Rome, London, Paris and Berlin since 2010
-          student and teacher group activities
-          language and intercultural learning
8)    Exchange student visits from Oulu University and Erasmus exchange program since 2011
-          visits in different lessons
-          language and intercultural learning, tolerance teaching
9)    Godstudent program with the Swedish-speaking Svenska Privatskolan i Uleåborg since 2011
-          visits in Swedish lessons
-          language and intercultural learning, tolerance teaching

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