tiistai 10. marraskuuta 2015

"Kaverixi" Friendship Program between Young Refugees and Laanila High School Students

Vuolle Community College in Oulu accommodates 16 young refugees from Afghanistan, Gambia, Iraq and Somalia. The young boys and girls have come to Finland without their parents. Their first aim is to study Finnish language, information technology and an occupation for themselves here in Finland. 

Together with our high school students in course "Global Citizen" we decided to start our own friendship program with these young refugees as soon as possible. Getting to know each other, practising the Finnish language, sports, music, games, traditions, trips and culture/country presentations are some examples of our activities together for the fall and winter 2015-2016. We have also created our own Facebook group "Kaverixi" for this program. 

During our first meetings we have been introducing ourselves, practising Finnish, playing games, playing football, listening to music and dancing traditional dances from Afghanistan, Brazil, Finland and Iran. During our next meeting we will hear two lectures on the situation in Afghanistan and Syria.

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